Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Grid+Clique vs Healbot, Round 2 - FIGHT!

I have long been a staunch proponent for my side of the battlefield in the war between Grid+Clique and Healbot users. I began my healing job with the standard 'click the user frame, push the button' mode of healing, and to this day I'm more than capable of whipping the raid groups out and manually healing. But, it never feels as fast and efficient as addon-assisted healing.

I, personally, am on the side of Healbot users. It is a fast, efficient addon that is usable almost straight out of the box. My position was more firmly embedded when I made an attempt to install Grid+Clique when I heard that it was superior to Healbot. To make a long story short, there was a tutorial, and a list of around 10 additional addons to add onto Grid and configure, and, in the end, the goal felt like it was simply for Grid+Clique to impersonate healbot after hours of set up before it ever became usable. Halfway through reading the tutorial and attempting to configure Grid into some semblance of usability, I completely gave up and found myself once and for all in the anti-Grid camp.

To this day, I remain a staunch supporter of Healbot. However, it has been over a year since I last attempted to make Grid+Clique work. In that time, there may well have been some changes to make the addon far more friendly to users. With this (perhaps vain?) hope in mind, I am indulging in an experiment as I write this post! I will be downloading and installing Grid+Clique to attempt and set it up to be usable by me, and I will see just how long it takes to set up.

The addon that I am accustomed to using can be found here: Healbot Continued.
The addons that I will be comparing it to are found here, and here, and don't forget here.

So far, I think I've managed to make the Grid look something like what I can tolerate. I've yet to test it in a group setting, but at the moment it's only usable for selecting targets. I haven't yet gotten Clique configured - or even figured out how to configure Clique. It has been half an hour.

There is no menu for handling Clique off of my default addons menu. This is highly annoying, and /clique gives me a fairly cryptic list of / commands for the addon. I don't see anything yet that indicates how to set it up.

/clique showbindings brings up a small window with the words 'Clique Bindings' and an X for closing it. Mousing over this window results in nothing at all enlightening. Shift, alt and ctrl left-and-right clicking does nothing to this strange little window. I now decide to go to the addon's page on curse.com to see if it holds any further enlightenment.

'To begin with Clique, simply open your spellbook, and click the new tab that exists there. This is the Clique configuration tab, and you can open it anytime you are not in combat to configure your clicks.'

 Okay, that's a little enlightening, so now I try that.


Now I seem to be getting somewhere.

I have now cloned my mousekeys for healbot onto Grid. It's not that terribly bad, but I can't see my hots! This is a problem. I should look into fixing it. Let's have a side-by-side comparison.

Left, Grid. Right, Healbot.

So, back to Grid's configuration with me. I need a larger icon, and a timer, just like Healbot gives me by default. It's been an hour now. 

This is dumb. I afk for pizza. It is tasty.

Moving on.
Time to navigate the Labyrinth.

Status - Auras - Buff: Renew looks promising at first, but proves itself a dead end. It's just something to do with 'priority' and what classes to show it on. 

After a through investigation, I come to the conclusion that this simply is not possible. I wonder if there is an addon to the addon that I can add on to add on the functionality I need that is given to me by default by the other addon. If this is true, it will take it up to 4 addons to make Grid function, vs one to make Healbot function. 

I give up and go take care of my glyphs sales while I search for an addon to add on to the addon. On my search, I discover GridStatusHots, which sounds like it will do sort of what I want, sans the icon. Just color.Unfortunately, I never got around to trying it out.

It seems to come down to preferences, in the end. Both are UI mods that display your group in a customizable manner, and allow you to select and-or click-cast on that target. None of Healbot's bad rap from the days of vanilla WoW are true anymore, any anyone who uses Grid+Clique is doing the same thing as a player who chooses to use Healbot. Healbot also utilizes the Healcomm library, which is apparently did not do in the past. At this point, I do not believe that one is superior to the other.

Round Two - End!

I'll stick with Healbot.

EDIT: This post was initially written a few days ago. I intended to get back to comparing the addons, but in the time since I first started writing it, I've come to my conclusion, so I finished up the post.

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