Thursday, May 27, 2010

Getting Started

We all have to start somewhere, but if you're like me, you feel that you need a strong foundation to start on. Since I'm still getting my act together in the auctioning department, I think now is a good time to document the steps I've taken.

While I'm still getting into the auctioning aspect of things, I've been earning gold for a while. I believe it started back in Burning Crusade, when I realized that doing dailies on multiple 70's was a good thing. I got into the habit of doing a set pattern of dailies. This made them more predictable, if not more entertaining. Lately, I do dailies on only my main, though I keep kicking myself for it. I have unlocked pretty much all of Icecrown and use that for my basis of doing dailies.

This progressed into farming old-world instances on my protection paladin once she was the proud owner of a vendor mount.

I have now begun to farm and purchase materials off the auction house to use my professions for money in addition to all of the above.

I imagine I'll be taking additional steps in the future, but for the current time, this is the point I'm at.

Gold Total Update: 47,916g 77s 20c
Total profits since May 20th: 9,669g

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