Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Setup

Since some people are curious, here you go:

I have every profession in the game maxed out over my TN characters.

Priest #1: Tailoring/Enchanting
Paladin #1: Blacksmithing/Jewelcrafting
Priest #2: Inscriptions/Alchemy (Potions spec)
Mage: Leatherworking/Alchemy (Xmute spec)
Hunter: Herbalism/Alchemy (Flask spec)
Druid: Herbalism/Mining
Rogue #1: Skinning/Engineering
Paladin #2: Enchanting/Alchemy (Xmute spec)
Shaman: Herbalism/Alchemy (Xmute spec)

I need to make a new skinner, and replace skinning on the rogue with Alchemy (Xmute spec). I want to swap leather working off of my mage onto something that it makes sense on. I'm eyeing my shaman's herbalism to be replaced. I will swap the mage's LW to herbalism if I do that.

Lowbies Will Be:
Warlock #1: Alchemy (Xmute spec)/??
Rogue #2: Alchemy (Xmute spec)/??
Warlock #2: Alchemy (Xmute spec)/??

To be rolled in future:
Warrior: Jewelcrafting/Alchemy (Xmute spec)

Currently, I have 5 alchemists, 3 of them xmute specs. So, every day, I get 5 epic gems. Even purchasing the mats, that's still a quick and easy bit of profit.

I average one proc every other day. Between three xmute masters, that's an average of 1 in 6 will proc.

With a plan to add at least 4 more xmute masters in the future, that will give me 9 epic gems every day, assuming alchemists xmute epic gems in Cataclysm. It wouldn't make sense if they didn't....

Also, for those curious about my gold income, I have an Alliance DK which I use for my xfaction needs. She is inscriptions/herbalism.

And yes, I'm going back into stockpiling gold for Cataclysm. I'd like to hit the cap before the xpac. Wonder if I can make it....

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